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Clasification : Daily cooking and breakfast

An electric kettle with a capacity of 1.7L and a modern look

01. Intelligent

With its 1.7L capacity and power of 2200W, the H.Koenig BO17 is an efficient appliance.

02. Efficient

Its 360° swivel base, large lid to fill it up easily, and automatic stop when the water reaches its boiling point or if there is not enough water allow an easy usage of this kettle.

03. Perfectionist

With its water-level indicator, you can easily know how much water is in your BO17 kettle.

This electric kettle also offers a modern look.



Power: 2200W
Capacity: 1.7L
Stainless steel body
Water-level indicator


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Automatic stop
Capacity: 1.7L
Stainless steel
Power: 2200W
Daily cooking and breakfast

Some tips to get the best out of your H.Koenig breakfast and daily cooking appliances.

Maintain easily your H.Koenig Toasters TOS7 and TOS14 
To clean thoroughly your H.Koenig toaster, once you turn it upside down to remove most of the bread crumbs, use a long bristles brush. 
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