Expert in small domestic appliances, H.Koenig offers a large product range for the entire house and the family (cooking, robots, floor care, linen care…) based on 3 key principles: reliability, effciency and design.
The common point between all those devices: the reliability. Innovative and efficient, all the H.Koenig products meet the same quality and design requirements.
Created in 1960 in the Ruhr area in West Germany during the industrial restructuration by Helmut Koenig, an ironmonger.

Ingenious and skilled, Helmut Koenig sets himself a challenge: to create his own workshop for the manufacturing of house appliances. Reaching a high success in only a few years, the product range steadily increased. With the industrial expansion at that time, he expanded his production to the neighbors factories and became the reference for small domestic appliances in the area.

More than 50 years later, H.Koenig is now an international brand offering the most complete range of small domestic appliances known for their reliability, efficiency and design.