Some tips to get the best out of your H.Koenig home cooking appliances.

Highlight your homemade ice creams done with your H.Koenig HF180 or HF250 ice-cream makers

To create an ice basket to serve your homemade ice creams done with your H.Koenig ice-cream maker, you will need 2 bowls: one bigger than the other one. Make sure though that your small bowl is nor too heavy (it would touch the bottom) nor too light (it would float). For the latter case, ballast it so it emerges half-way (which means the bowl is in suspension in the water).

Fill up the larger bowl with water half-way up, place the smaller bowl in the water and add the whole in your freezer. This trick allows you to get an ice basket. You just need to make your homemade ice creams with your H.Koenig ice-cream maker and fill this ice basket with beautiful scoops. 

How to clean easily your reversible waffle iron H.Koenig GF180?

Mix some corn starch with a bit of water in order to get a paste not too liquid. Cook this dough like a waffle in your reversible waffle iron H.Koenig. All the dirt will stick to this dough and will let your waffle maker as brand new! 

Bake perfect breads everytime with your bread machine H.Koenig BM600

Before using your H.Koenig bread machine, make sure all the ingredients are not too cold, in order to avoid the yeast to start fermenting. Otherwise, use warm ingredients. In order to get risen bread, use gluten. Add your ingredients in the H.Koenig bread machine in the following order:

-Liquids (milk+water+oil+eggs+ aroma extracts) + sugar+ salt


- Yeast at last, by making a well in the middle of the flour

Don’t forget to flour a bit the ingredients you will add through the process (diced bacon, fruits, onion etc.), they will be better mixed with the dough.

In order to get a light but rich in fiber bread, add one spoon of wheat bran for every 500g of flour (and add an additional half spoon of water as well).

Make the most beautiful ice cubes with your ice cube machine H.Koenig KUBE

In order to get transparent ice cubes, such as the ones in bars, you just need to boil the water which is meant to be iced! Once your water is boiling, let it cool down and pour the water in your H.Koenig ice cube machine.

To avoid your ice-cubes to stick together once you bring them out of the H.Koenig ice cube machine, pour sparkling water on them. They will separate and you will be able to serve them one at the time. 

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