Some tips to get the best out of your H.Koenig breakfast and daily cooking appliances.

Maintain easily your H.Koenig Toasters TOS7 and TOS14 

To clean thoroughly your H.Koenig toaster, once you turne dit upside down to remove most of the bread crumbs, use a long bristles brush. To make it come back to its original white color, use a sponge soaked with the following mixture: ½ cup bleach, ¼ cup baking soda and 4 cups of hot water. Let the product proceed during 10minutes, then rince and dry properly your H.Koenig toaster.

To remove melted plastic on your H.Koenig toaster, wait for your H.Koenig toaster to cool down completely and use then some cotton puff soaked with nail polish remover to scrap the melted plastic. It will be gone in a second. 

Deodorize and clean your H.Koenig microwave without chemical products.

Fill a bowl with water, to which you add a half lemon juice. Boil this mixture in your H.Koenig microwave. The steam from the lemon water will unstick the grease and you will only need to use a sponge to take everything away. In addition to removing the old greases, you will also remove all odors. 

Use those few tricks to have an easier life with your H.Koenig microwave. 

Extract more juice out of your oranges, grapefruits and lemons by passing them in your H.Koenig microwave (count 30secs for 2 fruits at full power).

Candy your citrus zests in 3 minutes: mix 10cl of water with 2 spoons of sugar and add to your H.Koenig microwave during 2 minutes at full power. Add then the citrus zests and candy the whole during one minute at full power.

Peel your fruits and vegetables in 30seconds: do a cross with the knife tip on top of the vegetable or fruit (such as peach or tomato for example). Add them in your H.Koenig microwave at full power during 30secs, the skin will take off really easily afterwards.

Cook quickly your potatoes: for 500gramms of potatoes add 3 spoons of water, cover with cling film with holes and cook them for 5 minutes at full power. It’s ready to eat! 

How to have all your food ready at the same time with your H.Koenig Steam cooker even if they don’t require the same cooking time ?

Add in the bowl at the bottom of your H.Koenig steam cooker the ingredients requiring the longest cooking time. When the timer indicates the cooking time of your ingredients requiring less cooking, add those ingredients in the upper bowl. Remove the lid with gloves and add the upper bowl on the bottom one. Put the lid back on and keep cooking until everything is cooked at the same time. 

Descale your H.Koenig Steam Electronic Steam Cooker easily with white vinegar.

To get the resistor clean like a new one in your H.Koenig Steam Electronic Steam Cooker, you just need to fill the water tank with water and 3 cups of white vinegar. Let it act for 20minutes (or longer depending on how much limescale you have) and clean thoroughly. 

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