Our tricks to get the best out of your H.Koenig iron or H.Koenig steam generator

H.Koenig iron or H.Koenig steam generator: which one to choose?

Both iron and steam generators have their own specificities, but they are complementaries for those who want impeccable ironing. Steam generator, with its independent tank, eases to remove all clothes ‘creases. Other assets of the steam generator are limited limescale risks, its long autonomy and large steam output of 40 to 140g per minute. If you need to iron often a large quantity of clothes, the H.Koenig steam generator is the solution. An  iron is lighter than the steam generator, easier to manipulate, and therefore the perfect match when you only iron occasionally and small quantities. 

A few simple guidelines before using your H.Koenig iron or steam generator.

Damp your linen before: ironing properly dry linen is something nearly impossible! We recommend you to organize your linen depending on the fabrics, so you don’t need to change the temperature of your iron all the time. As well, start with the clothes requiring the lowest temperature (wool, silk) and increase gradually the heat for cotton, linen etc.

Don’t be afraid of ironing shirts with your H.Koenig iron or steam generator

You will gain a lot of time by following this rule: start ironing from the smallest part to the biggest one of your shirt. By respecting this rule, you will avoid creases that would force you to re-iron some parts. Another small trick is to dry your shirts on a hanger with the first button closed to adjust the collar and shoulders.

Iron wool with no worries with your H.Koenig iron or steam generator

The most important rule is to adjust the temperature for « wool », wich is the lowest one. Too hot ironing would burn the wool. Take a damp cloth, add it on the wool and iron directly on it. This way, you will protect the wool by limiting the direct contact of the iron, avoiding burnt or shiny marks.

Keep the shiny and sparkle of your satin clothes with your H.Koenig iron or steam generator

Add a few drops of white vinegar in a bowl and add water. Damp lightly the sponge, pass on the back of the cloth and use the iron on the front, the satin will keep all its radiance.

Save distilled water for your H.Koenig iron or steam generator

If you are using the air conditioner in summer, don’t throw away the water running out. Indeed, this water is perfect for your iron. You can store it in old bottles of water and keep some for your whole year. An air conditioner usually produce about one liter of distilled water per hour due to the condensation, which is perfect for your iron or steam generator.

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