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Clasification : Home made cooking

Prepare your homemade ice-creams!

01. Intelligent

Prepare your homemade ice-creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts with natural, fresh and without additives!

02. Efficient

User-Friendly, you simply pop the bowl of your SRB60 H.K in the freezer for some hours. Then, you pour your ingredients in the bowl

03. Perfectionist

Be a gourmand: with the transparent lid add your favorite treats during the mixing such as chocolate chips, pieces of fruits, chopped nuts…

Get creative by adding a touch of originality to your salty dishes, serving them with a scoop of ginger, basil or wasabi ice-cream.

Surprise yourself and treat your friends and family with the ice-cream maker SRB60!


  • Capacity:1,5L
  • Preparation time: 30-40 minutes
  • Freezer time: from 8 to 12 hours
  • Electronic display
  • Programmable from 5 to 45 minutes
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Transparent lid with opening
  • Bowl height: 13,8 cm
  • Power: 12 Watts


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Home made cooking

Some tips to get the best out of your H.Koenig Home-made cooking appliances.

Highlight your home made ice-creams made with the H.Koenig ice-cream maker HF180 or HF250.
To create an ice basket to serve your homemade ice creams done with your H.Koenig ice-cream maker, you will need 2 bowls: one bigger than the other one.
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