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Create different juices and sorbets preserving all the fruit vitamines.

01. Intelligent

The extra-slow juice extractor vitamin + GSX24 H.Koenig allows you to ensure an excellent quality of juice thanks to its innovative technology, gentle pressure at very slow speed and bladeless propellers. A maximum of nutritional inputs, without altering the benefits of the fruits and with a minimum of waste

 02. Perfectionist

Adapt the texture of your juices according to your tastes:

• Thin juice: all the flavors and benefits of fruits

• Thick juice: a fiber-rich nectar for maximum nutritional benefits

• Natural sorbet: 100% fruit ice, natural pleasure

• Filter 0 pulp Start making fresh, healthy and flavourful fruit and vegetable juices, while preserving all the vitamins and their natural taste.

The special smoothie and sorbet strainer allows you to prepare tasty and 100% fruits, sugar-free desserts. 

03. Efficient

You no longer need to cut your fruits in pieces, its extra-large nozzle and its one liter capacity allow you to extract your juices in large quantities in a snap. Quiet system and easy to clean thanks to its removable parts.


Extremely slow juice extractor vitamin + GSX24 H.Koenig, your new health partner!


Soft pressure technology
Optimum rotation speed
for better nutrient conservation
1 external filter to filter the pulp
3 strainers: thin juice, thick juice, sorbet
Slow speed technology and bladeless propeller
Extra-large nozzle: 8.2 x 7 cm
Capacity: 1 L
Energy saving - uses very low electrical power
Silent system
A minimum of dry waste compared
to a centrifuge
Stainless steel body
Accessories: Pusher, cleaning brush, juice cup
and pulp container
Power: 400 W


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Optimum rotation speed
Capacity: 1L
Extra-large nozzle: 8.2x7cm
Gentle pressure technology


Home made cooking

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