Horizontal slow juicer HSX16

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Clasification : Home made cooking

A perfect fit for your kitchen

01. Intelligent

The new H.Koenig horizontal juice extractor HSX16 allows you to enjoy fresh, tasty and healthy juices.

Start making fresh, healthy and flavourful fruit and vegetable juices, while preserving all the vitamins and their natural taste.

02. Perfectionist

Its slow-speed gentle pressure technology and bladeless propellers ensure juice quality with maximum nutritional intake, without altering fruit benefits and with minimal waste.

03. Efficient

Thanks to its modern and compact design, it will fit perfectly into your kitchen.

The H.Koenig horizontal juice extractor HSX16, your new health partner!


Capacity: 1,1 L

Juice extractor with gentle pressure technology

Slow rotation speed for optimum preservation of vitamins

Elegant and modern design

Reverse function

Silent engine

Easy to clean and disassemble

Accessories: 900 ml pulp container and 1100 ml juice container

Power: 150 W



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Home made cooking

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