contact grill GR70

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Clasification : Daily cooking and breakfast

Strong and efficient grill

01. Intelligent

 The contact grill GR70, enjoy a perfectly grilled meat cooked naturally.

Its automatic height adjustment and its 180° opening functions, allows you to grill all types of meat or fish.

You can also prepare excellent paninis and croques monsieurs ... and more thanks to its large cooking surface of 30 x 25 cm.  

02. Efficient

No need to monitor cooking with its adjustable thermostat and timer.

Easy to use with its ergonomic handle, you will handle the device quickly and efficiently.

03. Perfectionist

Very easy to clean with its non-stick coating and removable dishwasher safe plates.


Contact grill, Barbecue/Plancha, Panini

Cooking surface: 30 x 25 cm

Adjustable temperature and timer

Adjustable height for all types of food

Full grill and griddle in flat position

Compact design

Large ergonomic handle

Non-stick coating plates

Dishwasher safe plates

Accessories: spatula, collecting tray

Power: 2000 W



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contact grill GR70

Contact grill, Barbecue/Plancha, Panini

Cooking surface: 30 x 25 cm

 Power: 2000 W 

Daily cooking and breakfast

Some tips to get the best out of your H.Koenig breakfast and daily cooking appliances.

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