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Clasification : Daily cooking and breakfast

Enjoy all your hot drinks at the ideal temperature

01. Intelligent

Set the temperature of your BOE52 kettle with its digital display. Select the right temperature from 40 °C to 100 °C depending on your preparations: teas (green, white, black, scented ...), infusions, coffee, milk powder, instant soups ...

02. Efficient

Its keep warm function allows you to keep the water at the chosen temperature for a long time.

03. Perfectionist

Easy to use with its 360 °C rotating base, its graduated water level and its automatic shutoff function, this kettle is repositioned and refilled without difficulty.

The BOE52, will bring a design touch in your kitchen!



Capacity: 1.7 L

LCD control panel

Keep warm function

Automatic shutoff

Adjustable temperature from 40 to 100 °C

360° rotating base

Stainless steel body

Power: 2200 W


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Power: 2200W
Capacity: 1.7L
Digital screen
Adjustable temperature from 40° to 100°C

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