Cooking stone & 8 persons raclette RP328

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Clasification : Friendly cooking

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01. Intelligent

Share delicious grills and raclettes, the 2-in-1 RP328 includes a cooking stone function and a raclette function with 8 non-stick pans.

02. Efficient

Thanks to its adjustable temperature and power of 1400W, you can cook your meat, fish, vegetables ... while enjoying a delicious raclette.

Its large cooking surface of 37 x 23 cm allows you to invite all your relatives and friends around the table.

03. Perfectionist

Easy to use and clean thanks to removable collecting tray and non-stick coating.

Create a cozy evening atmosphere by the fire with its wooden handles!


Cooking stone function with its cooking stone
Large cooking surface: 37 x 23 cm
Adjustable temperature
Wooden handles
Removable tray
Easy to clean

Accessories : 8 non-stick pans
Power: 1400W



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Friendly cooking

Some tips to get the best out of your H.Koenig grills and griddles.

How to clean easily your H.Koenig raclette grill

After using your H.Koenig raclette grill, let the plate cool down. All the components of your H.Koenig grill are easily cleanable with a sponge soaked with hot water and some dishwashing liquid. 

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