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Clasification : Floor care

Ingenious: the SWR22 automatically returns to its base

01. Intelligent

The SWR22 of H.Koenig is part of the latest generation of robotic vacuum controlled by an intelligent program.

02. Efficient

With its small size, the SWR22 goes everywhere. Using its sensors, it identifies gaps and obstacles, making the cleaning more efficient.

This robot vacuum cleaner has a stationary charging base to which it goes back if the battery is low or if everything has been cleaned. It is also equipped with a virtual wall allowing you to define the cleaning areas.

03. Perfectionist

Its dual brush system allows it to be more efficient. 


Up to 90mins of continous vacuuming
Charging Station (Charging time: 3 to 5 hours)
Rechargeable battery
Virtual wall
Remote control
2 cleaning brushes
1 floor cloth


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Up to 90mins of continuous vacuuming
Charging station
Virtual wall
Remote control
Floor care

You want to chase all dust mites and allergens? Here are the tricks to complete the action from your vacuum. 

First of all, your H.Koenig vacuum is your best ally, especially if it has a HEPA filter

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