Upright Vacuum Cleaner UP370

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Clasification : Floor care

Looking for an upright vacuum cleaner easy to use and efficient for every kind of surfaces?

01. Intelligent

With the wireless system and the battery autonomy up to 20 minutes, the upright vacuum cleaner UP370 is the perfect item for cleaning your tiles, carpets, car interiors, stairs, sofas, tables, etc.

02. Efficient

2 in 1: chose between the upright and hand vacuum cleaner function for daily and quick cleanings.

03. Perfectionist

Equipped with a motorized brush 180° and extremely handy, the UP370 will allow you to clean areas that are difficult to reach  

With its parking system, the UP370 stands on its own and it will easily find a place in your house. Moreover, the washable filter will assure you a perfect cleanliness. 


Wireless upright vacuum cleaner

2 in one: detachable hand vacuum

Battery autonomy from 18 up to 30 minutes

Tank capacity: 0,6 L

Articulated motorized brush 180°

Washable filter

Lithium battery: 18,5 V

Included accessories: crevice tool and floor brush

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Upright Vacuum Cleaner UP370

2 in one: detachable hand vacuum

Articulated motorized brush 180°

Lithium battery: 18,5 V






Floor care

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