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Clasification : Clothes & linen care

01. Intelligent 


The H. Koenig V34 ironsteam station offers an efficient ironingwith a power of 6 bar, a steam flow rate of 90g/min and an easy use thanks to itsceramicsoleplatethat slides easily on yourfabric. 


02. Efficient 


Ready to use in lessthan a minute, the V34 incorporates the new "unlimitedautonomy" technologyallowingits large capacity tank to befilledwith 2L at any time for continuous and powerfulsteam 

You can  adjust the temperatureaccording to the type of fabricyouwant to ironthanks to itsmanual setting. 


03. Perfectionist 


Usefulwithits multiple functionssuch as automaticshut-off, water tank indicator, pressing function and vertical creasing. This steam plant isverycomplete, itevenallowsyou to smoothyourcurtains and clothesdirectly on hangers 

Choose the H. Koenig V34 ironsteam station for fast and powerful ironing! 



  • High Steam Pression: 6 bars
  • Unlimitedautonomy: Continuous and powerfulsteam
  • Steam flow: 90g / min
  • Manual temperature setting
  • Vertical creasingfunction
  • Dry cleaningfunction
  • Steam readyindicator light
  • Ceramic base
  • Large Capacitytank: 2L
  • Cable storage
  • Power : 2400W 



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High pressure steam: 6 bar

Unlimited autonomy: Continuous and powerful steam

Steam flow: 90g / min

Power: 2400W

Clothes & linen care

Our tricks to get the best out of your H.Koenig iron or steam generator.

Both iron and steam generators have their own specificities, but they are complementaries for those who want impeccable ironing. 

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