Wine Cellar 8 bottles AGE8WV

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Clasification : Home

Wine lover looking for a cellar to store your best wine bottles?


Equipped with an adjustable temperature selection which is accurate to the degree, the wine cellar AGE12WV H.Koenig ensures an optimal tasting and conservation of wine.


Its refined design, with the smoked glass door and its wooden shelfs, add an elegant touch to your interior.


The AGE8WV is extremely silent thanks to the thermo-electric technology and the anti-vibration system assures a steady quality of the stored wine.  


Capacity 25L – 8 bottles

Adjustable temperature from 8°C to 18°C

Thermo-electric system

Anti-vibration system

Noise level 41 DB

4 wooden shelfs

LED light



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Wine Cellar 8 bottles AGE8WV

Capacity 34L – 12 bottles

Wine Cellar 2 temperature zones

Adjustable temperature from 8°C to 18°C

Anti-vibration system