The warranty period for H.Koenig and Winkel products marketed until December 31, 2015 is 1 year, and 2 years on devices marketed from January 1, 2016 from the date of initial purchase or the date Delivery.



The warranty covers all breakdowns occurring during normal use in accordance with the uses and specifications presented in the user manual.

This warranty does not apply to packaging or transportation problems during shipment of the product by its owner. It also does not include normal wear and tear of the product, nor maintenance or replacement of consumable parts,


- Accessories and wear parts (*): filters, brushes, damaged glass or ceramic.

- Normal maintenance of the appliance: cleaning, charging the battery, descaling, etc.

- Any breakdowns arising from improper use (shocks, non-compliance with the recommendations for the power supply, bad conditions of use, etc.), insufficient maintenance or a misuse of the function of the device as well as the use of unsuitable accessories.

- Damage that has an external origin: fire, water damage, electrical surge, etc.

- Any equipment that has been dismantled, even partially, by persons other than those authorized (in particular the user);

- Products for which the serial number is missing, damaged or illegible that its identification would not allow;

- Products subject to rental, demonstration or exhibition.

- Batteries for robot vacuum cleaners (these are guaranteed for 6 months).

(*) wearing parts: certain component parts of the equipment have a function during use that causes them to wear out, this wear is normal and influenced by the conditions of use as well as maintenance; these parts are not covered by warranty.

The accessories supplied with the device are excluded from the scope of the warranty. It will therefore not be replaced or exchanged. However, some accessories can be purchased directly via our after-sales service site: https://sav.hkoenig.com/



The protection of the environment and the fight against waste are our major concerns,

H.Koenig undertakes that the products are repairable for 5 years following the purchase and that all the parts are available during this period.

Repair in no way affects the quality of the product, it limits the ecological impact of waste.



The availability of parts is understood to be for any purchase from March 1, 2015. H.Koenig undertakes to provide sellers and repairers with the spare parts necessary for the repair of the products within two months. In the event of force majeure, a standard product exchange or refund solution will be offered to the user.