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True moments of greediness in perspective

01. Intelligent

Simple techniques often turn out to be the most efficient : to make a good waffle you need to make sure the dough is properly spread on both sides of the waffle maker and this is the reason why we made it possible to reverse our waffle maker.

02. Efficient

Pour the dough into the waffle iron, wait for 1 minute, turn it around and that’s it ! The dough will be properly spread to each corner and on both sides.

The homogenized temperature will do the rest for you and ensure you’ll get light, golden and thick waffles.

03. Perfectionist

The plates and metalic steel removable trays allow an easy cleaning of the machine. The vertical positioning and the retractable handles ensure an easy storage of the device.


Power: 1000W
180° reversible system guarantees a well spread dough and light waffles
Thermostat and monitoring light
Non-stick plates and a stainless steel removable tray for an easy cleaning
Stable vertical position and retractable handles for an easy storage
Digital panel


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Power : 1000W
180° reversible system

Home made cooking

Some tips to get the best out of your H.Koenig Home-made cooking appliances.

Highlight your home made ice-creams made with the H.Koenig ice-cream maker HF180 or HF250.
To create an ice basket to serve your homemade ice creams done with your H.Koenig ice-cream maker, you will need 2 bowls: one bigger than the other one.
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