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Clasification : Home made cooking

Refresh your drinks !
The H.Koenig KB20 Ice Cube Maker is the perfect device to cool your summer drinks.

Fast, the device produces 12 ice cubes every 6 to 13 minutes and up to 12kg per day. The ice cubes production is automatic and easily controllable thanks to its integrated LCD display.

Convenient, you can schedule the device to make ice cubes in advance, at the last minute, or even keep them for later.

Useful, you can choose among two different sizes of ice cubes according to your needs.

Ideal, the KB20 will also allow you to fill your coolers, an essential part of this summer's evenings and picnics.
Home made cooking

Some tips to get the best out of your H.Koenig Home-made cooking appliances.

Highlight your home made ice-creams made with the H.Koenig ice-cream maker HF180 or HF250.
To create an ice basket to serve your homemade ice creams done with your H.Koenig ice-cream maker, you will need 2 bowls: one bigger than the other one.
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